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Do You Have a Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Updated: Apr 7

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Social Media Marketing

Let’s be honest…

Majority of brick and mortar businesses are just throwing mud at the wall when it comes to marketing and hoping that it sticks.

They’re just throwing money at random things with no real strategy.

They’ll spend money to boost a Facebook post, they’ll pay to sponsor an event, they’ll throw money at a billboard, they’ll invest in a Google ad. But nothing is actually working together.


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There isn’t a cohesive strategy or underlying message and goal

 That’s why our coaching clients don’t just learn digital marketing, they learn how to integrate their digital marketing with their local marketing strategies to create one big web that drives leads to their business from various outlets.

When your marketing pieces work independently of one another, you’ll have gaps in your web and leads will get dropped.

If you’re sick of wasting money on marketing with no strategy in place and no real way to track success....

Your small business deserves a marketing strategy that drives consistent sales!



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